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A reminder from our President about our online AGM

Our President, Helen Baron, would like to invite you to join us at our online AGM on Thursday 25 March at 5.30pm.

President Helen Baron

Credit Union President, Helen Baron

This year, due to the virus, we will be holding our meeting virtually. Many of you will by now be familiar with the idea of virtual meetings. Perhaps you have been using them for work or to keep in touch with family. But if you are not, we will provide you with all the details of how to join the meeting. You can do this on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

There will also be a dial in option so that you can hear the meeting on your phone. The platform we are using will allow you to see and hear us and it will be possible to type in your questions. You will also be able to vote on questions, just like at a face-to-face meeting.

While we will miss meeting you all in person, we hope that a virtual meeting will be an opportunity for more members to participate in the democratic processes of the Credit Union.

The agenda and documents for the meeting are available here.


Attending the meeting

We will be using the ‘GoTo Webinar’ platform for the meeting, hosted by the Association of British Credit Unions.

Please click on this link to ‘register’ to attend before the meeting.

Simply enter your first name, last name, email address and membership number, then press the ‘register’ button. All done! There is no cost for taking part.



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