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What our members say about the Credit Union

Every year we ask our members for their feedback on the services we offer and here are just some of the many positive comments we have received.

Safe savings

“The Credit Union has provided me with a worthwhile saving plan that helps so much with unexpected costs.”

“They encouraged me to save while offering me affordable low interest loans without the unreasonable judgement I witnessed from my high street bank. I now have over £3K in savings.”

“I was encouraged to save for Christmas. It is the first time in over 40 years! Thank you for being there.”

Affordable loans

“It has really helped me by providing loans when I needed them. The process is so easy using the online facility. Thank you.”

“Efficient, clear understanding and good service in processing my loan application.”

Financial help when needed

“The credit union membership helped me a lot and so many times. If I have got a financial issue once I call the credit union office, my problem is quickly resolved.”

“They helped me to stay on my feet financially. They also sorted my financial needs for my dad’s funeral. So helpful.”

“It’s really helped me get stuff I need being a single mother, it has helped me to give my children a nice childhood.”

“It helps me financially to give my kids lots of fun and entertainment through the school holidays and the best gifts at Christmas.”

“It afforded me the opportunity to visit Jamaica to see my mother before she passed away last year. Thank you so much for your help, I am truly grateful.”

Friendly and helpful staff

“Always on point with the information and the staff are friendly and patient.”

A big thank you to all our members for your comments!

If you’re looking for a safe home for your savings in an ethical organisation, or if you need to borrow some money, why not talk to us and join our ever-growing number of happy members.





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