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Co-op Fortnight 2021 encourages people to #JoinACo-op

As a financial co-operative, our Credit Union is proud to be part of a global co-operative family and, every year, hundreds of co-ops and organisations like ours all across the UK get together to celebrate and promote co-ops during Co-op Fortnight.

Co-op Fortnight 2021 takes place from 21 June to 4 July and this year’s theme is #JoinACoop, providing co-operatives with the chance to celebrate their members, spread the word about the benefits of membership and encourage people across the country to join a co-op.

Co-ops operate in all sectors of the economy from retail and social care to finance and farming. The one thing they have in common is that they are all owned and controlled by their members, giving people a direct say in how they are managed, for their own best interests rather than to create profits for City shareholders.

'Proud to be a co-op' posterOrganised by Co-operatives UK and brought to life by co-ops across the country, for two weeks every year co-ops come together during Co-op Fortnight to hold events, share stories and spread the word about the power of co-operation.

Credit Union Director Don Kehoe said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rethink how they do things, not only individuals, but businesses, organisations and society as a whole. Co-ops offer so much to people, communities and the UK economy, and our Credit Union is proud to help get this message out loud and clear.”

As a co-operative, everything the Credit Union does is guided by an internationally-recognised set of Co-operative Values and Principles, which includes self-help, self-responsibility, democracy and equality. Our Board of Directors is directly elected by and from our membership, on a one person one vote basis, unlike in a conventional company where the more shares you have the more votes you have, meaning that only the wealthy have any real say or control.

In a co-operative like ours, every member has an equal say in the running of the business, which means we have different ethics, values and principles to most of our competitors in the financial services market, and why we return any financial surplus to our members in the local community rather than to wealthy individuals in offshore tax havens. These co-operative values and principles set us apart as a democratic organisation with a much fairer way of doing business.

Click here for more information about co-operatives in the UK and click here to find out about Co-op Fortnight 2021.



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