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Take the stress out of paying for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it can start to get very stressful wondering how to pay for it all, but with a little extra help from the Credit Union, there’s no need to worry.

Our low cost Saver Loan allows you to borrow the amount you need now, which could help you pay for this Christmas, while building up a pot of savings which will help you pay for next Christmas.

You can apply for a low cost Saver Loan at any time and, if you’re not already a member, once your loan has been approved, you must join the Credit Union with an opening savings deposit of £50. You can access your savings when your Saver Loan has been repaid.

The principle of this type of loan means that you can gradually reduce and ultimately eliminate your need to borrow – saving you money and stress!

We also offer a range of other loans depending on your needs – find out more on the loans page of our website – and if you’re not yet a member of the Credit Union, find out how to join today.

If you don’t need to borrow, but would like to start putting away a little bit of money each month, we offer a dedicated Christmas savings account, which will keep your funds secure until the festive period.

As soon as you join the Credit Union, you can start a regular savings plan from your salary or bank account, or you can make a lump sum deposit.

Credit Union Chief Executive Martin Groombridge said: “Christmas can be a costly time for all of us, and especially for those with kids, but it’s important you don’t build up expensive debts to pay for it. At the Credit Union, we would never encourage you to borrow more than you can afford, but one of our fair and affordable loans could be just the solution you need.

“Whether you need to borrow a little bit for this Christmas, or would like to start planning your savings for next Christmas, the Credit Union is here to help.”



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